Hi I am Edan!
I am a recent graduate from Stanford University, competing my M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Manufacturing and Product Realization (2023). I completed my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Middle Eastern studies in 2021.
I began my "engineering" career at the age of 10, when my uncle secretly purchased me my first power tool, a corded Dremel rotary tool. With small cutting disk in hand, safety goggles on, I began constructing an assortment of projects, predominantly for middle school history, english and science courses, incorporating LEDs wherever I could. 
Advancing beyond a backlit 13 Colonies Map or edge lit acrylic Russian Revolution timeline, to more complex physics and engineering projects my endeavors led to the construction of poorly welded go-karts, several potato cannons some of which are wifi enabled, and an excess amount of Arduino Uno LED arrays.
Entering Stanford I pursued a concentration in System Controls and Dynamics, delving into the world of haptics, mechatronics, and systems containing more complex, multi-ordered governing equations. During my time spent in Stanford's Product Realization Lab, I have learned to utilize numerous manufacturing processes in the machine shop, woodshop, foundry, and prototyping Room 36.  I was proudly a Product Realization Lab Course Assistant, aiding faculty to teach the future generation of engineers and makers. 
I am looking for a full-time opportunity that would allow me to further explore the integration of mechanical systems into impactful, sustainable, and innovative solutions. I am fascinated by the world of energy, consumer electronics, manufacturing, and medical devices.
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